Dobermundes E Litter 1 day old.
6 males and 2 females, All black, 19 dec 2012.

SE10402/2013 Dobermundes Ector Eldorado
Owner: Katja Bispgården.

SE10403/2013 Dobermundes Eco Excellent
Owner: Hans Beddingestrand

SE10404/2013 Dobermundes Edo Enjoy
Owner: Lucas Helsingborg

SE10405/2013 Dobermundes El Emblazon
Owner: Peter Skivarp

SE10406/2013 Dobermundes Etoile Ester
Owner; Jenny, Hässleholm

Photo mopther Betty (Bentli iz Doma Domeni)and father Patchito (Ulisse Delle Querce Nere)-BOB
and BOS winner nov.

Mother : Bentli iz Doma Domeni #BETTY#
More about her - look Our dogs.

Father to E-litter - Ulisse Delle Querce Nere (Patchito).
Our big star - already Dobermannpeople in the world know and speak about him. Look at our dogs Ulisse.

Look at Progeny B and D-Litter same parents as E-Litter


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