Koppod Oro One Siberian lady



Curry 2 years birthday

CURRY 2.8.08. BOB+CACIB+Cert


Koppod Oro One Siberian lady who we give name CURRY is born19 of may 2006. Swedisk reg 30.1.2007 - S 13814/2007.
Breeder - my wife Elenas kennel in Siberian. Owned together with Micke and Katja ( owner to Dobermundes AE Red Hot Chili) but from 1 of July owned by Katja and Micke Edblad, Bispgården, Jämtland.
Curry arrived us after vaccinationer and bloodtest was ready for her to go to sweden and until this she was growing up together with hers mother and dobermann Heidelberg Yardi ( our Laras mother) together with family of Julia in Barnaul in Siberia. She arrived Sweden chritmastime 2006. Curry is a very good show dog and in Swedish kennelclubs CAC show May 2008 she won hers first Best of Breed. ( CK,CAC;BOS and BOB). She also have many CaCib and BOB Internationell CaCib show Swedish Kennelclub 2008.
Curry is tested HIP and Eyes after swedish rules.

3 months old

Curry dec 2007 in north part of Sweden.

Pimms Number one iz Doma Domeni

BH, IPO I, Test A,
ZTP V1a (Armin Hoppe)
Grand Champion of Russia
Champion of Russia
Champion of Bielorussia
Champion of Lithuania
Champion of Moscow
Champion of Georgia
Champion of Romania
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Russian Kinological Federation (RKF)
Champion of Club
Junior Club Winner
Winner Tulln 2005
Austria Bundessieger 2005

Koppod'Oro Germiona Gift
Champion of Russia,
Young Champion of Russia,
2-Candidate for Champion RFLS
2-Candidate for Champion RFSS
Candidate for Champion OANKOO
JBIS-3, JBIS-4, 6-САС, 2-CC
Multi-BOS, Multi-BOB, BIG-II
Multi Winner
2-Best Puppy, BOS Puppy,
OKD-1, ZKS-1, TPR-1


 Z-litter (98)
 L-litter (99)
 M-litter (00)
 O-litter (02)
 P-litter (03)
 R-litter (04)
 S-litter (05)
 T-litter (06)
 A-litter (08)
 B-litter (08)
 U-litter (09)
 C-litter (10)
 V-Litter (10)
 D-litter (11)
 F Litter (11)
 X Litter (12)
 E Litter (12)
 G Litter (13)
 N litter (14)
 K-Litter (17)
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