We missing you Eric.....................................

MULTICHAMPION Graaf Erasm v.Neerlands Stam



About Eric:

#Internationell Champion (IntCh)
#Swedish Champion (SuCh)
#ROLS Champion
#Altay Champion
#Russian Champion (RuCh)

# Multiwinner CAC,CACIB.BOB,BOS + many BIS-Veteran

#HD A cert No 5225/FCI
#PHTVL/PHPV free Russia and Sweden.
# OKD-1 och (OKD:General Training Course)
# ZKS-1 (ZKS:Protecting-Guarding Course)
# TPR-1 (Test for breeding)
# IPO 1

Erics wonderfuly finishresult as veteran -
18 sep 2005 Lund Best in Show veteran BIS 1a
6 maj 2006 Lomma Best in Show veteran BIS 1a
6 juni 2006 Trelleborg Best in Show veteran BIS 1a
18 nov 2006 Åstorp Best in Show res veteran BIS 2a

ERIC is born 18/3-98 in Holland and his father is wellknown
Multichampion Graaf Vito v Neerlands Stam
his mother IPO III,Multichampion Nemesis gadis.

ERIC is father to 41 litters ( 36 in Russia and 5 in Sweden) and he is dominant black. ( All puppies will be black)
Now we also have one of his all grandgrandchildren here - our dogs - GOLDA - and also hios granddaugher - our dogs - SERA

Eric 12 years Birthday 18 of march 2010

ERIC- 8,5 year old - Internationell Champion
(Ronneby Int Show - BOB + BIG reserv)

Eric`s mother Nemesis Gadis

Eric`s father Graaf Vito v Neerlands Stam

E R I C and his cup - Internationell Champion -

More about Eric

Eric as young in Sibiria

Elena bought Eric when he was born from J.M.v.d.Zwan, famous dobermannkennel in Holland, Neerlands Stam. Arrive Moscow summer 1998 and after vthat to Novosibirsk, there ERIC grow up and ancestor for Koppod Oro kennel in Sibiria.
Together with Elena to Sweden and Olle summer 2004.

# 28 puppies in Sweden and about 200 puppies outside
# Many generation grandgrand children - Now in Sweden we
have grandgrandgrandgrand child Koppod Oro One
Saibirina Lady
#- so we have a result from him - admirable quality from his
blood - excellent hip, temperament, strong mentality and
lovely dogs for family. Excellent show results - many
Champions, mentaltest, Ipo, IDC ........
Realy allround blood.

# Some puppies from Erics Progeny

Champion Dobermundes AE Sugarbaker Sam
SuCh,HD A, Artros ua, Phtvl/phpv free, Bh, IPO I, II, III, Mentaltestad, Korad,
Korning - mentaldelen 462 poäng.

Our multichampion Graaf Erasm van Neerlands Stams
daughter Savanna (Catacombes Best Lady)


 Z-litter (98)
 L-litter (99)
 M-litter (00)
 O-litter (02)
 P-litter (03)
 R-litter (04)
 S-litter (05)
 T-litter (06)
 A-litter (08)
 B-litter (08)
 U-litter (09)
 C-litter (10)
 V-Litter (10)
 D-litter (11)
 F Litter (11)
 X Litter (12)
 E Litter (12)
 G Litter (13)
 N litter (14)
 K-Litter (17)
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