Our sunshine, miss kuku, miss clever.....
Only 2 year took cancern hers life.

Koppod`Oro Lara for Dobermundes

Born - 27.3.2005. - Dead 19.4.2007

Lara 1 year Yddinge 2006

LARA 14 months

winner in Trelleborg.

Melvas Puma Sawages

Our Puma lived here with us and our another dogs
in Dobermundes from july 2002 until may 2007.

Puma July 2002

(PUMA BOS Dobermannspecialshow 2003)

Puma was born 25 of may 2000, which already made nice success on the shows: 5 times Youth class winner in Yugoslavia, Youth club winner BiH Doberman Club Championship 2001 and 1:st prize in Doberman special in Sweden and also in IDC, Milano, excellente in the big Doberman show. She is Youth Yugoslavia Champion.
HD A test in yugoslavia, Mentaltest in Sweden and also in Sweden phtvl/phpv free.

Dobermundes kennel got her in Amsterdam July 2002 and after time in Belgium and Dutch she arrive to Sweden.
We just like her therefore she has excellente blood-lines as
Frankenhorst, Sawages, Wantij, Neerlands Stam and Diaspora. She has had one litter before in Yugoslavia and one litter in Sweden 18 of dec 2002. 7+6 and we keept 4+3.
Puma - swedish woman and belongs to the Swedish Kennel club nov-03. She start very well as a swedish lady - She just took B.O:B. officiell Show in Åstorp 15 of nov-03 and now latest B.O.S. officiell show malmoe/Lomma 8 of May-04.
BOB+CACIB officiell championshow Sofiero 2004.
BOB-BIS 1st officiell show Malmoe-Lomma 7 of May 2005.
BOS- CAC SHOW Hässleholm 21 May 2005.

Puma and Olle

Puma BIS Lomma 7.5.2005.


Gaindyke´s Linnea

Linnea lived hers last year with the family Mats Olsson together with Dobermundes Romeo in Kristianstad.


HD free, phvtl/phpv free, 1 CaCib, 3 reserve Cacib`s, Swedish Youth winner 2000, 4 th IDC Luxembourgh Youth Class, Sixth IDC Milano open class, mental test ( passed MH )and also strong characte test. Linnea has got one litter autum 2003 with Dobermundes RN Max.

When I visit my daughter Annica springtime 1999, who was working at the Kennel Gaindyke in Scotland we alreay together with John and Lynn mad preparations for
combination of blood, who later give us our Linnea.
Linnea is born 10 of august 1999. Her´s father Gaindyke Flash Goordon is U.K., Luxembourgh and Dutch Champion.
In Linnea´s blood is also : Alfa Adelante del Citone, Judifax Fanthomas, Roveline blood and also in Sweden Linnea has hers grandmother - Quercia van Roveline.

Linnea is a red female of medium size. A very nice bitch and she has many excellent show results. In 2000 IDC in Luxembourgh number 4 and IDC in Milano 2002 number 6. Also many BOB and BOS and CACIB in show in Sweden.
Youth winner 2000 in Dobermann show in Sweden.
Linnea has passed two different mental test in Sweden, HD B and she also is free from phtvl.

Olle and Linnea in Milano
Totte showing Linnea at IDC Milano 2002.
Gandalf Casa Di Oz

Alf 3 year

Our "Alf" is a black male of maximum size with the best anatomical feature. He is a product of the combination of Champion and IPO I Baronesa Zova Reneval (sister of Baron Nike) and Champion Casanova Altobello. He´s blood is also from Prinz vom Nordenstamm, Gamon di Campovalano,Quinn dei Nobili Nati and also well-known Hillo, Diana and Heidy Ryal Bell.

We bought Alf from Belgrad spring time 2001 and by air to Brussel. He lived with another Dobermann in Roosmalen in Dutch and after that when he was ready with all import-test he arrived to our home in Sweden the end of 2001.

He has passed mentaltest, HD B, phtvl/phpv free. He has already many good show results now latest BOB and BIS:5a off.show. malmoe/Lomma. He is a wonderfuly strong dobermann with good motor and a high temperament and he looks wonderfuly - just who a dobermannmale shall look.

Alf, Annica and Bosse

Our lovely queen of Dobermundes

Ulga van het Weillerland

Olga left us May 2004. She was our dog since she was 2 week and until hers died. She was our queen of Dobermundes. Olga has passed mentaltest and she has workingdogscert and hip and eyes tested. She has cert in denmark and Sweden and also many BOB, BOS, BIG and BIS as open class and also as old class.


Our love - Ranna - Urana van het Wantishof -

Urana van het Wantishof

Ranna left us maj 2001. Daughter of Worldchampion Jivago van het Wantij. She breed us 16 puppies. Ranna was HD A,mental test, phtvl free and she mad many excellent show results; B.O.B. Best in Group, 2:nd Best in Show.

Ranna as young in Dutch

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