Dobermundes A- litter

Born: 9 of May 2008. Four black males and four black females.
(450-550 gr)
Amato Mio Avalon, All Inclusive Allan, Ambassador, Amerigo Vespucci, Angelic Flower, Ally Ave Maria, Anuschka och
Amore Mia Koppodoro.


3 days old - Proud mother Frosja (Multichampion Graphic Line Femida)

Mother to A-litter :
Our great superstar, multichampion Graphic Line Femida (FROSJA) - look our dogs - Frosja about hers championtitel and show and more.

Father to A-litter - Ulisse Delle Querce Nere (Patchito).
Our coming big star - already Dobermannpeople in the world know and speak about him. Look at our dogs Patchito.

Dobermundes Ally Ave Maria passed FP today.
Blovstred, Denmark. Danish Dobermannclub.
Judge; Leif Harder and fig Tom Hansen, Denmark.
Congratalion Ally and owner Poul Erik.

A-litter 10 days old
Down photos are males soon 10 months - A litter - our Champion Ulisse Delle Querce Nere (PATCHITO) and our Multichampion Graphic Line Femida (FROSJA)
Amato lived in Stockholm, Amerigo in northmiddle of Sweden, Allan in Carlskrona and Ambassador in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Dobermundes AMATO

Dobermundes AMERIGO

Dobermundes ALLAN

Dobermundes AMBASSADOR

Regards from Novosibirsk Sibiria from Dobermundes Ambassadör (Ulisse Delle Querce Nere - Graphic Line Femida)
and owner Svetlana.

Daughter of the family with Dobermundes Ambassador and
his family friend female dobermann.

Dobermundes Amato Mio (UZZI) and Gabriella
7 months old

Dobermundes Amerigo

Allan i Karlskrona

Uzzi i Stockholm

Amerigo i Bispgården

Dobermundes Ally Ave Maria and Poul Erik and
Judge John Hull.

Maja i Bjärnum

Puppies 30 days old.


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