Our Puma puppies, date of birth 18 of dec 2002. We kept seven. It is Dobermundes 4:th litter of Doberman ( In our family also before another litter of breed) We named the litter to PN-O litter and puppybyers gave them name as :
"Only our Ambra", "One of Us", "Olivia-Odessa", "Overlord Arshes",
"Our ordinary Sheila", "Obeisence Nelson"and "Odd of Roma"

Puma and hers O-litter.

Puma with 7 of hers 13 puppies.

Puma got 13 puppies. She got 4 black male, 3 brown male, 3 black female and 3 brown female.
We need to make Caesarean section and she has not milk enough so we have decide to put some of our puppie to another femele with puppies for a couple of weeks.

Dobermundes PN Overlord Arsches
with owner Helen - Easter 2008.

Lp I Dobermundes PN One of Us - GINO -
BOB-CACIB- 2004 years highest obedience class I - 190 p.

Odessa 3-a i Skanör-Falsterbo klubbtävling


BH Neron Devilgarden has already many excellente show in Sweden and he is for the moment one of the most successful Dobermann in our country. 10 CACIB, 21 Ck, 15 B.O.B 1 B.O.S. and 8 times in the big group and 5 times Best in Show. V in open class IDC Paris 2001 and excellente in open class IDC Milano 2002.
Hd B, phtvl/phpv free, mental test in Sweden (MH).


Yu Champion Melvas Puma Sawages.
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