Linnea´s first litter gave only one puppy in life - a nice, good and big brown female. Born 27 of nov 2003.

Dobermundes LM Passion of Life - PASSI-
Sw.Korung,Lp I, Hd B, eyes free, passed sw. mental test.

Passi i Degeberga 2005. - winner of hers class and 2nd place in obedience class 1.

Mother LINNEA - Look at our dogs Gaindyke Linnea

Father MAX
Champion Dobermundes RN Max
SuCh,Sw.Körrung, Lp 1, Lp2, Sph 1,HD A, eyes u.a.


 Z-litter (98)
 L-litter (99)
 M-litter (00)
 O-litter (02)
 P-litter (03)
 R-litter (04)
 S-litter (05)
 T-litter (06)
 A-litter (08)
 B-litter (08)
 U-litter (09)
 C-litter (10)
 V-Litter (10)
 D-litter (11)
 F Litter (11)
 X Litter (12)
 E Litter (12)
 G Litter (13)
 N litter (14)
 K-Litter (17)
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