Anni van de Donken got today hers 2 nd litter - 18 of April 2005. First puppy out was a female at 12.00 and last one a
male at 17.40. Total she got 5 female and 4 male.
All puppies have a good weight at 500 gr.
Litter got follow name Dobermundes AE Sugarbaby Sake, Sugarbaker Sam, Sundance Santo, Sundown Sin and females Symphony Siberia, Serenade Sera, Shakespeare Shana, Savage Scampa and Sulfur Satina.

¤ - Pls check R-litter ( same parents )

Champion Dobermundes AE Sugarbaker Sam
SuCh,HD A, Artros ua, Phtvl/phpv free, Bh, IPO I, II, III
Passed Sw. mentaltest.
Sw.Korung - 462 points.

Otto - 2007

Dobermundes AE Sundown Sin
"OTTO" - 2008

Dobermundes "SERA" BOB, Mentaltest, HD A.

Dobermundes "Shana"drar pulka, HD B.Phtvl/phpv free,
passed swedish mentaltest.

S-litters "SAM"

Champion of Blekinge 2005.
Passi BOB and SAM BOB-puppy


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