Dobermundes T-Kull.

Pedigree Dobermundes AE T- Litter

Anni 3rd litter. T-litter, Born 3 okt 2006. Two good, strong, big and nice puppies - one male and one female.

Dobermundes AE Tornado and Dobermundes AE Tilda Ami

Just born

malepuppy Tornado 4 days old

femalepuppy Tilda Ami 4 days old

Just born

.Tornado och Tilda Ami

Tornado och Tilda Ami volhard test 21.11.06. - 49 days old.

IntCh,RuCh,SuCh,IPO 1, m.m. Graaf Erasm van Neerlands Stam is father to T-Litter.

Anni van de Donken is mother to T-Litter.

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